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I tend to be a more technical photographer, rather than a fine art photographer as some are. This gives most of my photos a very clean, and exceptionally sharp appearance which is popular in the commercial and advertising realm as well as with those who are looking for solid headshots which really show who they are. On many occasions I have had clients let me know right up front that it is the fact that the headshots I produce actually look like the person being photographed is what has drawn them to hire me for a job. I look at my job for headshot and portrait photography as being one which portrays the person as they are, but on one of their best days. Good days and bad days, we all have them, but when you and I are together for our session we'll find a good one together.

I do not photograph babies, or very small children, as that takes a skill set and props that I do not have and have chosen not to pursue. I also do not do general family portraiture or weddings, but I would be very happy to recommend other local photographers in the area for those things. Most of my work is with ages 7 through adult, and typically since I am working with so many pageant competitors the majority tend to be female. I do welcome men to come to see me for their professional, acting, or even social media headshots and portraits, despite my majority female clientele.


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If you see examples of my work here on my site or elsewhere, and you think that I may be just the photographer you are looking for either your photo project or your event, use the quick and easy contact form available here on my website. Thanks! I look forward to working with you.