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American Model & Pageant Magazine Best of the Best Awards

Top five contestants list for an award

Top five contestants list for an awardAmerican Model & Pageant Magazine ‘s online webzine recently started publishing their “Best of the Best” awards nominees for various categories related to the fashion and pageant world. I am not the competitive sort, and don’t tend to enter contests or competitions but it is always very nice to know that the folks I have interacted with during the course of my photography work think enough of me to cast a vote which says they think I am great at what I do. The awards night and fashion show are June 11th this year in the Chicago area, and it sounds like a good time.

I am fairly certain I know who the winner will be, but I’m still planning to go and spend some time with friends, as well as meeting colleagues and others who do different things in the fashion and pageant realm. Makeup artists, hair stylists, pageant directors and the like. Thank you to any and all who voted for me in the contest, I am very grateful for your support, and I hope to improve upon my current work and to continue to live up to expectations.

UPDATE: As it turns out, not only was it a great time but I didn’t know who the winner would be, because it was ME. I was voted top photographer for 2016. How fun! If you have the opportunity to attend one of these American Model & Pageant Magazine shows, they are great fun. If they have one again next year, I’m likely to go again even though I likely won’t be among the nominees for a second year. I would go simply for the fun weekend. I have posted some photos over on my events page.

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