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Canon Professional Services

Recently, I had the opportunity to put Canon Professional Services to the test. This isn’t necessarily a good thing, since the reason was the shutter in my Canon 6D was going out. I am a CPS Gold Member though, so I was happy to be able to take advantage of their rush service to have my shutter replaced. The shutter in my Canon 6D is rated at approximately 100,000 clicks and I had just a little over 118,000 on it, so that shutter lasted about 18% longer than it was rated at. I say that is perfectly acceptable. I knew it would eventually need replaced, so when the blown out white line that appeared in every frame I shot I knew already that it was what is called “shutter bounce” and was a sign of the shutter failing.

The Process

  1. The first thing to do is print and fill out the CPS repair form, with your information and a statement of what the issue is. This form will also include a place for a credit card number, so that any repair up to $400 is automatically accepted and it will allow you to get your camera back more quickly.
  2. The second thing to do is remove any grip, batteries, and memory card, and take your camera to a company like Fedex or UPS and pack the shipment according to their standards, so that your shipping insurance will be guaranteed to fully cover the camera as it travels to Canon. Be certain you get your tracking number, and keep it somewhere safe. This will let you see when your camera arrives at the Canon repair facility. In my case the closest facility to me was in New Jersey, but depending on where you are in the country or in the world the repair center for you may be a different one.
  3. Follow your progress on the Canon CPS website. You will receive a repair number via email once your camera is logged into their repair system. You can use that repair number on the CPS website to show how far along your equipment is in the repair service. Mine went through evaluation, repair, cleaning, a double check, and then went out for shipping back to me

I am a Canon Professional Services member at the gold level, which comes with a few perks. One of the perks is that turnaround time is approximately three days from the time your camera is received at the repair facility to the time they ship it back to you. Canon lived up to that expectation, completing my repair and fully cleaning the entire camera inside and out within three days. It was shipped back to me next day air on day three but unfortunately day three was a Friday so the camera didn’t arrive back into my hands until Monday. That’s ok though, I had a backup camera (an old Canon 50D) which was still very capable of getting the job done.

When I received my camera back from Canon it was packed securely in a plain brown box, as I would expect it to be. When I opened up the box I found my camera to be in even better condition than when I shipped it out. The whole thing had been cleaned inside and out, there wasn’t a single fingerprint or speck of dust anywhere to be found on it. They had sent my camera back looking and performing as if it were brand new. I can’t say enough good things about Canon Professional Services and how well they did with my repair. I can firmly and happily recommend the Canon brand, knowing that it is backed up by such an amazing group of customer service and repair staff.

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