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Honest Photography

teen portrait honest photography

Something was asked of me the other day by another photographer who was admiring my photos, and complimenting my style. She asked me “If you had to pick one word to describe your photos, what would it be?” I thought about it, and I think that how I would answer it today is with the word Honest. Yeah, I think I would have to say Clover Storm is Honest Photography. I think maybe I should give a little definition of what I think that means.

What is Honest Photography

My photos are not the straight from a glamour magazine look where when a girl hands a photo of herself to someone else that person looks at the photo and asks the who it is a photo of. To me, my photos of you…need to look like you….but on your BEST day. We all have good days and bad days, on some our skin is blotchy, on others our teeth don’t shine as brightly or our eyes aren’t quite as sharp as they normally are. Other days people describe themselves with a popular phrase “on point” as in “your lipstick game is on point” or for men it might be “your beard kicks ass today” whatever. (incidentally…my beard once had its ass kicked by Chuck Norris’ beard..but that is another story)

What I want when someone comes to me, is to get photos of themselves on their best day. When everything is working right, clear skin, bright eyes, the whole nine yards. When someone walks into a room with one of my photos and hands it to someone else to see, I want the person holding the photo to look up and say “That is a fantastic photo of you!”

Honest Photography. I think I’m doing just fine if that is how I define what I’m doing.

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