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Top 10 Pageant Photographers of 2014

One of the pageants of 2014 which helped earn my place on the Top 10 Pageant Photographers list

top 10 photographer awardI would like to say thank you to The Pageant Planet for including me in their list of top 10 pageant headshot photographers of 2014, I am listed in the number 8 slot. I work very hard to get the best photos possible both at the pageants themselves, and in the studio. On that list with me are some incredible photographers, and one of the others on the list I am a big fan of and have been for a while so it is an honor to be included on a list with that person. Top 10 Pageant Photographers of 2014

The pageants I have photographed for far have all been natural pageants, but I am open to the idea of shooting glitz and semi glitz as well so I can expand my business. While I am not interested in doing glitz or semi glitz headshots, I would be interested in photographing the pageants themselves. If you have a pageant and need a photographer to catch all the best moments of your event both on stage and off, please use the contact page here on my website and get in touch with me.

If you have a pageant coming up in the near future and need to update your headshots, if you are in the Dayton Ohio or surrounding area, then I may just be the photographer you are looking for to get the job done. Take a look at my example gallery and see what you think.

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